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Mineral Rites Yarn Club Rules


Hello Saffronettes - we are very excited about 2012 and what the new year has to offer. It is - you - our customers, my peeps that have made this business so successful and now we are growing and taking our yarn dyeing to the next level. This is so exciting, come join in the fun and growth of our company that you have helped us attain.

I will be firing up the pots and dipping into my “Mineral Well” to come up with new colorways that I hope to thrill you with. I’ve chosen four color themes that I feel give us a wide scope of color possibilities and you can select one of each or if you really love one category over all the rest you can select all of your yarns to fall into that category. It’s up to you. I want to make this interactive without giving up the surprise of each unique colorway.

Here is how it works: Two of our most popular difficult to get bases are being offered in our Club -  Mini Mica and Mica Dk. The club will include two shipments of uniquely dyed one-of-a-kind yarns. You can select from our Ikat/Complex Colors, or Dapple Solids. There are four color themes to choose from as well:

  1. Autumn/Harvest 
  2. Water/Aquatic
  3. Earthy/Mineral  
  4. Flowers/Garden

Limited spaces will be available for sign up and after they are filled the club will be closed.  All club orders over $100 will include free shipping. Please place your order for membership separately from in stock yarn or prepay Permanent Collection orders.

- You can purchase all Mini Mica, or all Mica or any combination of the two.

- Maximum purchase of 12 skeins per base per order.

- All Mini Mica will be shipped April 16.

- All Mica will be shipped July 2.

- The "Big Kahuna" option will be a total of 8 skeins from either the Mini Mica or Mica base; 2 skeins in each color theme one being a Dapple Solid and one being a Ikat/Complex for a total of 8 different skeins. 

- Feel free to opt for BOTH big Kahuna's and get one of everything if you've got a big Kahuna wallet!! With this option you get 16 different colorways in 4 color themes. So you get 8 of the Mini Micas and 8 of the Micas. 

These Club colorways are one-of-a-kind and exclusives for club subscribers and not for regular sale for at least one year after their club release date.

"What other goodies will I get with the club membership?" I hear my Saffronettes asking. Well, you will receive 1 new pattern designed by me, DeAnna Rigter Designs and a 15% off coupon to redeem in our shop anytime during the year of 2012 when we have a regular shop update or if your shopping our Permanent Collection. Just enter the coupon code at check out.